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4 Eccentric Cabinet Paints for Your Neon Dreams

cabinet paint

Nowadays, everyone is trying to beat conventional colors when it comes to interior design. No one thinks about experimenting with newer cabinet paint ideas. 

But things are changing as homeowners are more open to experimenting with bright cabinet paint ideas. 

Neon is the new you! 

It creates your unique and personal space by painting your cabinets. These colors evoke a sense of vibrancy and excitement in your space.

This guide is especially for those people who are feeling bold and want to try cabinet paints never tried before.

Are you the one who dare to paint their kitchen cabinets in their neon dream colors?

Let’s transform your cabinets into colors that speak for creativity and artistry. 

Why Paint the Cabinets Neon?

The world is already dominated by muted and neutral colors. Time to break the conventional norms! 

Your decision to choose neon cabinet paints is undoubtedly a bold choice, but it can bring vibrancy and electricity to your living space. 

cabinet paint

Here are some of the aspects that will help you make a decision about validating your neon dreams.

Splash of Energy and Creativity

Neon cabinets immediately bring a dose of energy and creativity into your home. It tells people your creative and fun side. When your living space has some bright colors dancing around, it can also freshen up your mood.

Breaks the Rules

Everyone is tired of the contemporary and monotonous colors on cabinets. It is about time that someone breaks these rules and paints their cabinets neon. 

Brings Playfulness to Everyday Life

Imagine waking up and seeing vibrant neon-colored cabinets. The luminous colors have the ability to immediately lift up your mood and bring joy and playfulness to your mundane lifestyle.

Sets a Trend

Who knows that your neon dreams can set a trend for people around you? 

Take the first step and paint the cabinets neon so people can see that they are rebelling against convention. It isn’t as scary as it seems.

4 Neon Colors for Your Cabinets

#1 – Lime Yellow

Lime Yellow is a great choice for cabinet paint. It not only makes the space look bigger but also wider.

Lime Yellow cabinets often go best with modern interior design. So, if you have a traditional living space, your cabinets painted in lime yellow may seem forced.

If you are someone who loves retro and funky colors, try painting your cabinets in this bright and cheerful color. 

It is best for people who want a cheerful and inviting atmosphere in the living space. The choice of painting lime yellow on the cabinets is to evoke a sense of freshness and liveliness. 

When the cabinets are painted in lime yellow, they become more than a storage; they become a narrative of your home. 

It lets people know that the person is willing to embrace the unexpected and unconventional. Morning light brings a burst of energy to the room whenever it hits the cabinets and makes the start of the day bright and cheerful. 

Tip: Mix lime yellow with some monotone colors to make the kitchen look eccentric 

#2 – Neon Pink

Neon Pink is such a hot choice for cabinet paint nowadays. It is bold and perfect for making a statement in your kitchen. 

It is best for large spaces like the kitchen and living room. The vibrant nature of neon pink adds a bit of personality all over the space if painted on cabinets.

On kitchen cabinets, for example, it can instantly make such a functional space into something stylish and fun. As neon pink is a bright and vibrant color, pair it with neutral tones to bring the best out of it. 

It is recommended for people who like fun and bold neon colors. If you are someone who loves bright and cheerful aesthetics, go for neon pink for your cabinets. 

People who love funky and playful colors often choose neon pink when painting the interior of their house.

Tip: Mix shades of gray or any monotone colors to compliment with neon pink.

#3 – Sunset Orange 

Paint your cabinets sunset orange so it feels like you are witnessing a dreamy sunset. This neon paint for cabinets works best if you paint the remaining space white. It makes the space look luminous and larger. 

Sunset orange is recommended to people who like warm and inviting colors but want to keep their neon dreams alive. 

It immediately brings coziness and warm energy when painted on cabinets. It makes the cabinets stand out when incorporated with neutral tones.

Sunset orange paint for cabinets is best for contemporary and modern spaces. It lines well with the trend of embracing vibrant and different colors for interior design. 

It is best for adding a personalized and unique touch to the cabinets. Sunset orange can either be painted completely over the cabinets, or it can be used as a highlight color. 

Tip: Make sure that this neon color is a focal point when used as cabinet paint. 

#4 – Electric Blue 

Electric Blue paint on cabinets brings a sense of electrifying force to the interior of any place. It is a bold and dynamic choice for people who want neon-colored cabinets. 

It gives a modern and sleek look to the cabinets, whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Electric blue paint is an unconventional color for traditional pieces of furniture like cabinets. It can immediately turn a mundane-looking area into something more aesthetically appealing. 

Lighting is important when you are considering electric blue color for cabinets. When lighting is proper, it can enhance the vibrancy of this neon color. 

Tip: Natural light and artificial light bring different effects on electric blue paint. Natural light makes the neon paint vibrant, while the artificial light highlights specific areas of neon-colored cabinets.

Things to Consider While Painting the Cabinet Neon

cabinet paint

As tempting as it seems to choose neon colors for cabinet paints, there are some things that you should keep in mind. 

Let’s take a look at some factors that are important when painting your cabinets in style and boldness:

Harmonize Neon with Neutral Colors for Cabinet Paint

Neon on neon is not a very good choice. If you are painting your cabinets neon, it is best to paint the rest of the space in something neutral. 

A lot of the time, neon paint might not look good on the cabinets as expected. So, it is best to paint a small space and check whether you like it or not.

Lighting is Important

It is important to have proper lighting to paint cabinets neon. Ensure that your space is receiving enough light to make the cabinet paint shine. 

Sometimes, neon colors can make the space look smaller. It is because of not enough lighting. Experts recommend neon paints if enough natural light is able to enter the room. Otherwise, it makes the space dark. 

Durability and Maintenance

Always go for durable paints when painting the cabinets neon. As neon paints are all for vibrancy, keep the cabinets clean and recoat them when needed. 

It doesn’t look good when the neon paint on the cabinets is chipping away. 


Neon Paints are a bold statement but they look fun and vibrant if used right. Neon colors for cabinet paints are getting more popular as the days are passing. 

People are embracing the unconventional and self-expressed oasis for themselves. 

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