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Painters in Burlingame, CA

For the highest quality painters in Burlingame, CA, reach out to Rossi Painting & Construction.

Painting can help protect your home from the elements and express your unique style or brand. Rossie Painting & Construction is Burlingame’s first choice of residential and exterior painters. If you want a stress-free way to paint your walls or siding, they’re here to help.

Did you know you should paint your interior walls every three to five years? Interior painting makes the process easy.

Expert Painters in Burlingame, CA

Top-rated Painters in Burlingame, CA

As the best residential and commercial painting company in the area, Rossi Painting & Construction handles a variety of painting projects. No matter what type of building you own or where you need painting, they can handle it.

It’s easy to overlook everything on your property that needs an exterior coat of paint. Whether it’s your siding, a carriage house, or a barn, new paint helps it look new and can protect the structure from rot. No matter the type of building, Rossi Painting & Construction delivers high-quality painting services.

They can also help maintain your entertainment spaces. If you have a deck, pergola, or patio cover, new paint helps you entertain without the distraction of peeling or fading colors. You can also add an infusion of style to your fences, shutters, and doors with a simple coat of paint.

Rossi Painting & Construction also provides expert commercial painting. They can help with tenant improvements (TI’s), duplexes, townhomes, condos, apartment complexes, Homeowners Association properties, business parks, office buildings, and restaurants.

No matter the type or size of the building, Rossi Painting & Construction can handle it all.

Why Choose Rossi Painting & Construction?

What makes Rossi Painting & Construction the best painters in Burlingame, CA? With award-winning service and an exceptional five-star rating, Burlingame puts its trust in their expertise. 

Their foundation relies on customer service. You can’t go wrong with Rossi Painting & Construction’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and an all-inclusive, three-year warranty. If their painters didn’t arrive on time, made a mistake, or lacked professionalism, they will make it right.

Choosing the right painter shouldn’t require sacrificing quality for affordability. Rossi Painting & Construction stays competitively priced and offers free estimates and clear and transparent communication. With a stress-free process, long-lasting work, and exceptional professionalism, they’re worth every penny.

Are you updating your brand, or are your tenants clamoring for a new paint job? Get commercial painting to keep your clients happy.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Efficient, meticulous and most importantly displayed pride in their work. Every detail was addressed and made perfect. They worked tirelessly to complete both interior painting and furniture painting within 7 days. The work was completed while keeping my house in tip top condition. No mess to contend with. The workers made sure they cleaned up after themselves and my house every day!

James Mckaril

We hired Rossi Painting to paint the exterior of our 90 plus year old home with original wood windows. They did such an excellent job that we later hired them for interior work. Two different painting teams, both a pleasure to work with. They were professional, very clean and did a great job helping with paint color choices. Would absolutely hire them again.

Annette Bucher

Rossi Painting carried out various painting work in our house. All work was carried out to our absolute satisfaction and the costs corresponded exactly to the offer cleanly and efficiently. Rossi Painting is the ideal choice for anyone looking for painters.

Maria Barrera

Give Your Burlingame Home a Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether you need interior or exterior painting, your home and business deserve to look cared for and high quality. When hiring professionals, you free up time for what really matters and ensure the best quality possible. As the best painters in Burlingame, CA, Rossi Painting & Construction can solve all your painting problems.

No matter its size, Rossi Painting & Construction helps keep your Burlingame, CA, commercial building or home painted and looking great. Book a consultation by calling 650-595-5225 today.

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