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Painters in San Carlos, CA

For the top-rated painters in San Carlos, CA, contact Rossi Painting & Construction.

Did you notice that the climate on the San Francisco Peninsula wears away at your paint? If your business or home requires a fresh coat, choose Rossi Painting & Construction, the best painters in San Carlos, CA. Around the Bay Area, their award-winning service is restoring the color of homes and businesses to keep your city beautiful. 

If your house isn’t feeling much like a home anymore, our house painting can help you reclaim its nostalgia.

Expert Painters in San Carlos, CA

Top-rated Painters in San Carlos, CA

You should paint your exterior walls every five to 10 years. Rossi Painting & Construction handles all forms of exterior painting, including siding, fencing, decks, and any additional buildings you have on your property, like sheds or an accessory dwelling unit.

Interior walls need a paint job every three to five years to stay bright and vibrant. Whether you want to paint your whole interior or you’re adding accent colors to your doors and shutters, Rossi Painting & Construction makes your interior look like new again.

They also paint a variety of commercial buildings. For example, with their color consultation services, they can help restaurant owners choose the perfect color for their ambiance. Or, they can help you paint your retail store for more consistent branding.

Multi-family homes are some of the most difficult buildings to paint, but Rossi Painting & Construction can help your tenants feel well cared for and can even update their units. They also help with condos and Homeowners Associations.

As the best residential and commercial painting company, Rossi Painting & Construction keeps the bay area looking colorful and bright.

The Benefits of Choosing Rossi Painting & Construction

A good paint job does more than just add style to your home. It can extend the life of your wall and exterior by resisting moisture, rot, and other allergens. It also adds value to your property if you ever plan on selling it.

Why is Rossi Painting & Construction the top choice of painters in San Carlos, CA? In case their five-star rating isn’t enough to convince you, consider all the ways they distinguish themselves from the competition. Their most defining features are their 100% satisfaction guarantee and great customer service. 

Customers also love their amazing professionalism. They always arrive on time, complete their job efficiently, and leave your home clean.

Are your business’s paint colors putting your customers to sleep? Commercial painting can restore energy to your building.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Efficient, meticulous and most importantly displayed pride in their work. Every detail was addressed and made perfect. They worked tirelessly to complete both interior painting and furniture painting within 7 days. The work was completed while keeping my house in tip top condition. No mess to contend with. The workers made sure they cleaned up after themselves and my house every day!

James Mckaril

We hired Rossi Painting to paint the exterior of our 90 plus year old home with original wood windows. They did such an excellent job that we later hired them for interior work. Two different painting teams, both a pleasure to work with. They were professional, very clean and did a great job helping with paint color choices. Would absolutely hire them again.

Annette Bucher

Rossi Painting carried out various painting work in our house. All work was carried out to our absolute satisfaction and the costs corresponded exactly to the offer cleanly and efficiently. Rossi Painting is the ideal choice for anyone looking for painters.

Maria Barrera

Give Your San Carlos Home a Fresh Coat of Paint

When you need your home or business repainted, you deserve the best service possible. No matter how big or difficult the job, Rossi Painting & Construction solves every painting problem. As the best painters in San Carlos, CA, Rossi Painting & Construction never leaves their customers disappointed.

When you need your business or home painted, contact Rossi Painting & Construction, the best painters in San Carlos, CA. Book a consultation by calling 650-595-5225.

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